The Craft of Coffee

Our varieties

We have different varieties of coffee that grow on our farms. The variations of each plot where our coffee seeds are sowed are monitored with strict precision. 

The varieties of Colombian Exotic Coffee

The process of creating high quality coffee


Every person who works for Colombian Exotic Coffee knows that in our hands there are the seeds full of life. As such, we select and treat them with the care they require. This way we can guarantee that our clients can enjoy the best coffee in the world.  

Coffee plant
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All cherries for Colombian Exotic Coffee are harvested by hand, securing that only the best of the best get selected for our exotic coffee beans. Keeping the tradition of manual harvesting is to preserve the essence of a crop that was created to delight and exalt the taste for special flavours. 


There are three types of processes that can be applied after the cerries are harvested: Natural, Washed or Honey. 

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Natural process is one of the most traditional processes. It is a method where the cherries are dried in the sun. To prevent the cherries from spoiling, they are raked and turned throughout the day and then covered at night or during rain storms.

The second process is the washed process. In this method, the skin is removed from the seeds before the drying process. Then the seeds move into tanks where they are washed to remove the rest of the mucilage —the remaining fruit— to clean the seeds before they are dried. After the seeds are washed, they are dried in the sun.

The Honey process is the rarest of methods. The coffee cherries are picked and sorted, have their skins and pulps removed like other types of coffee. They are then dried without washing off the sticky, sweet outer layer. Since honey process beans spend less time in water than washed beans do, less fermentation occurs, so not as much of the sugar in the bean is converted to acid.

Colombian Exotic Coffee storage


Our coffees are preserved and stored with the highest standards of safety and state-of-the-art techniques, to guarantee our customers high levels of purity in all our products.


Our coffees are transported overseas in climate controlled containers. This maintains the high quality standards and increases the shelf live of the coffees.