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Colombian Exotic Coffee for Asia and The Middle-East

Colombia Exotic Coffee are specialty and exotic coffee growers located in Valle Del Cauca State who directly supply to the Middle East and Asia. At Colombian Exotic Coffee, state of the art modern technology and many years of established family traditions must go hand in hand to produce the highest quality coffee, to be then distributed. Following the spirit of our Ancestor Miguel Londoño we are expanding our borders, from the mountains of Colombia to the fast-growing markets of both Asia and The Middle East.

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Our Exotic Coffee

Colombian Exotic Coffee takes pride in the craftsmanship that goes into producing such high-quality coffee, long traditions and high care must be implemented when farming the coffee, this is what makes the process of farming an artform. It is known that the highest quality of products is produced by hand; therefore, it is without a doubt that Colombian Exotic Coffee utilises handpicking processes, to ensure the quality of the bean.

The origin
of Colombian Exotic Coffee

Having a total of 7 farms spread around the Valle Del Cauca State, Colombian Exotic Coffee prides itself on having ideal growing conditions ranging from rich volcanic soils to high biodiversity alongside having coffee grow on a diverse range of altitudes starting from 1300 m.a.s.l going as high as 2100 m.a.s.l.

The farms where our coffee comes from:

The origin of Colombian Exotic Coffee

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We care about our forests

Our landscape design approach focus on increasing biodiversity as a tool for improving resilience.
45% of our farm lands remain a natural primary forest reserve to preserve our biodiversity.

Additionally, we have social programs that stimulate the possibilities for women to work. This creates the possibility for them to have an income of their own to support their families.